Valeria Sandi Peña

About the poet:

Valeria Sandi Peña was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in 1991. Writer and lawyer. He published the collections of poems: “Ambidextrous” (2014), co-authored. “The moon carries salt”, (Ediciones Jota, Potosí 2016), his collection of poems “The moon carries salt”, re – edited by Chanchito editions (Bolivia 2018). He has participated in various festivals and readings as Multidisciplinary Meeting Project Posh (Mexico 2017), Festival Poetry Caravan (Peru 2018/2019), International Poetry Festival of Medellín (2019) among others. She was a contributor to poetry magazines and essays in his country, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Peru and Colombia. Since 2020, she is editor of magazines: Galerías del Alma (Mexico), Mal de Ojo (Chile) and is part of the Editorial Literatelia for Bolivia. His collection of poems Rincón de Lluvia was published by (Ediciones Andesgraund, Chile 2018) its re-edition of the Rain Corner (by Literatelia, Mexico 2019). Directs the cycle of readings Trueque Poético and the Festival Young Poetry International Pack of Words.

Rincón de lluvia

se abre
gatillando sombras
el telón de la noche
en nuestro cuerpo
se acerca la sentencia
de fondo un árbol.

Los recuerdos
se derraman
en tajos
La mirada
se nos puebla
de fosas.

Sin hilván
la memoria cae
nos volvemos
tierra blanda
con el rostro perdido.

Llegada la sentencia
desde nuestra
nítida oscuridad
pedimos al tiempo
como juez de luto
un rincón de lluvia
como última patria.

Corner of Rain

shadows clawing
night’s curtain
from our body
judgment closing in
from the foot of the tree.

in cuts
the sight
filling us
with hollows.

memory falls apart
we return to
bland [lax, dull, soft, yielding] earth
with its lost face.

Judgment reached
from our
sharp darkness
we pled for time
from the judge of mourning
a corner of rain
like the final country.

Traductora: Janet McAdams

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