Thiago Ponce de Moraes

About the poet:

Thiago Ponce de Moraes (1986–) is a poet, translator and teacher born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he still lives. He published the poems collections Imp.(Caetés, 2006), De gestos lassos ou nenhuns (Lumme Editor, 2010) and Dobres sobre a luz (Lumme Editor, 2016). A bilingual anthology of his poetry, Glorybox, was published in the United Kingdom (Carnaval Press, 2016). His new book, Espacelamentos, will be published this year by Gralha Edições. Read poemsweekly at @poemateca (Instagram).


Não a que dás,
Roça a eternidade nos meus olhos.
Sob as árvores, da sombra que a Natureza concede,
Sinto os teus dedos leves repousarem em minha nuca.
Teus lábios breves – a tua pele –
A minha voz dispersam: instantes da tarde.
Sobre meu peito deitada lanças tua sombra, teus cabelos,
A beleza que tens: é efêmera e me basta.


Not the one you create,
Laps against eternity in my eyes.
Under the trees, where Nature provides our shade,
I feel your fingers lightly resting on my neck.
Your fleeting lips – your skin –
Make my voice diffuse: moments of an afternoon.
Lying over my chest you cast your shadow, your hair,
The beauty within you: is ephemeral, is all I need


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