Saikat Ghosh

About the poet:

Saikat Ghosh (January 17, 1990. West Bengal, INDIA)

‘Ondhokarke biswas korle akdol multiple choicer samne ese darate hoy’…If you believe in darkness, you have to stand infront of a group of multiple choices— the poet who can write such a line genuinely is none other than Saikat Ghosh. He likes to pen poetry by giving up the actual definition to inflect a new dimension. The spread of poetry in his eyes is just like zero to infinity. Besides a poet, he is an engineer. In his mosaic professional life he made his career by working in IT sector, writing scripts in film and also involved himself as a freelance writer in daily newspapers. Currently, he is associated with teaching. Even Saikat Ghosh is a well known lyricist of Bengali songs in these days. His first poetry was at the age of eleven, about the Chariot Fair organized in the house of Rishi Bankim Chandra. In his words, sometimes poetry is a mathematical concept and sometimes is a dark fantasy. He believes, only success can emphasize one’s weakness. 

His notable works are ‘Jarasandher Bichhana’, ‘Ghumanta Prithibir Replica’, ‘Overdose’, ‘Kolkatar Selfie’, ‘Balighari O Marilyn’, ‘Bilupta Pakhider Callertune’, ‘Torricellir Sunnosthan’ etc. He has recited his poetry in different cities of India at behalf of Sahitya Academy and Kobita Academy. 

Passion: to find different aspects of life, World MusicCraziness: Reading Books, Watching Movies and Making Advertisements


শব্দেরা জোনাকির মতো, ছুঁয়ে থাকতে থাকতে
একসময় আলো ফুটে উঠবে
আর আমরা চেনা মুগ্ধতায় একে অন্যের
অন্ধকার পড়ে নেবো

তারপর সারারাত কিছু একটা হবে
পরবর্তী কিছু একটার অপেক্ষায় কাটিয়ে দেবো বাকি সারাটা দিন

দীর্ঘ বৃষ্টির পর নিভে যাবে গোটা শহর
গো অ্যাজ ইউ লাইকে পাহাড় সাজবে সমুদ্র
সমুদ্র সাজবে পাহাড়
আর তুমি সাদা পাতা জুড়ে বিছিয়ে দেবে
হাইওয়ের পাটিগণিত

আসলে রাতের চাদরে যতটা ঘুম থাকে
ততটাই অমীমাংসিত রাষ্ট্রবিপ্লব


Once there will be a luster 
The words kept touching like fireflies,
And we’ll read blemishes of each other
In a named fascination… 

Then something will happen overnight
Waiting for the next, I’ll spend the rest

After a long rain, the whole city will put out
The sea would participate decorating as mountain 
And the mountain as the sea

You’ll unfold highway’s arithmetic 
Across the whole white page

Actually, as much sleep the night contains 
That’s the unresolved revolution

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