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Poetry is nothing but to discover a new world. It is to pen by giving up the actual definition to inflect a new dimension. Poetry is an obsession and the expression of reality as well as the subconscious. It was 2009, I was in 9th standard, started my pen for poetry. Actually, I wanted to eruct the catharsis… the way I look upon the world, the way I think about people and social consequences. According to me, poetry has a sort of taste which can help the purgation come out. It is my love, emotion, protest where I sleep, walk, eat and dream. Poetry is not a statement but a discovery.

I think, people cherish poetry when they write, they write what they observe. It is a spontaneous and critical thinking. It is not possible for everyone to express their feelings by writing poetry. Poetry needs to be worshipped and practiced like mathematics. Though it has become a field of competition now as everyone is fighting for award and fame, we should accept the positivity right now. Beyond nepotism and hopelessness we should work hard and gather original writings. A poet must have new form and style and need to make own signature in poetry. No imitation is allowed here. He/She should aim for a positive contribution in literature. 

“Sahitya Cafe” has been giving this opportunity to the writers since one year. And now comes a blast with superb cultivation. From each and every corner of the world we have gathered talents in one frame. We know, we have quality readers those who wait for every issue of “Saihitya Cafe”. Getting negative reviews more can develop our work but from the very beginning people are supporting us with their whole. We are very fortunate to get these readers. 

Our recent issue, ‘Casement of World’ has come to the readers door now. In this Covid situation we are facing so many problems and cannot make hardcopies to distribute. But online portals can do this work within a microsecond. The whole world is connected virtually and internet has only took the initiative for “Sahitya Cafe” for it’s expansion. In our first International issue only Bangladesh has participated but now there are fifteen different countries those who caught their fabulous pen in the ‘Casement of World’. Hopefully, we are determined to make several International issues for our future.

September, 2020

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