SahityaCafe – International Poetry Day Edition

Editor’s Note

Are you looking for an option? I know the absurd you are searching. But for me there is only one. In this materialistic world we positively run to achieve goals. We dream for wealth and shout for politics. We forget to find us healthy. In spite of lying down in corruption I made a dream, a dream to find myself. Surely, I can say, most people live in this dream. This is not uncertain, rather the most precious gift of God. By meditation we can achieve this power… the power of creation, the power of magic, the power of truth, the power of imagination, the power of prophecy and the power to achieve a beautiful life. Yes, I dream only for Poetry…

When the soul chants the words it actually excites a festival. A poet realizes, each and every alphabet needs a celebration. Though we have different languages by country, state and culture, there is a universal truth, we all have our language of mind. Fruitfully, the mind adjoins us. Poetry continues to bring people together across the world and celebrates the most treasured forms of culture, linguistic expression and identity. And World Poetry Day is the occasion to honor the poets and revive oral traditions of recitation, promote reading, writing and teaching of poetry.

So this year, overcoming world’s worst situation by the arrival of antidote we are going to celebrate International Poetry Day with pomp and splendour. Sahitya Cafe has taken an initiative. Ten different countries with eight different languages have participated in this grand festival. Beyond this e-magazine Sahitya Cafe has also organized online poetry reading sessions through out the whole week. 

Being the mom of Sahitya Cafe, I bless my child to raise consciousness and make a revolution. The sparks of poetry should inject properly and spread. We shall exceed all negativities.

March, 2021


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