Rebeca Bolaños Cubillo

About the poet:

Graduated in Public Relations and Communication, currently a student of Fine Arts and Anthropology, Rebeca began her poetic production in 2014 and published her first book “41 months on hiatus” in 2018 with the New York Poetry Press Publishing House. In 2019 he publishes the plaque “Weather Report” with unpublished poems, with the La Chifurnia Editorial Project.

In January 2017, it launched the literary platform “Palabra y Punto” (, a project that seeks to explore different actions related to books, language and literature as an art object, through concrete actions, which are in reorganization stage.

Participant and collaborator of the Workshop-Laboratory Traffic of Influences and Executive Producer of the International Poetry Festival of Costa Rica (years 2016, and 2017); Producer of the projects “Crossing Fire” and “Singing to the seed”, with a first edition during the International Book Fair of Costa Rica 2019, and of the project “Raven Eye” -Central American Meeting of Women’s Writing, started in El Salvador in 2019.

Also invited to the Mesoamerican Poetry Festival (Soconusco, Mexico) -2017-, International Poetry Festival “Los Confines” (Honduras) -2018-, Arquímedes Cruz and Claudia Jovel Festival of Hispanoamerican Poetry (El Salvador) -2019-, International Festival of Poetry in Turrialba (Turrialba, Costa Rica) -2019-, among others.


The poet forgets
than the rest of the world
also has the right
to feel stale.

That it is not the exclusive territory of the poet
the bad night,
rotten love,
the woman who sends him to hell,
rat urine,
nor the sulfur that gets
in the internal organs.


Lots of words
get stuck in my throat,
as if the fist of a trucker,
forcibly enter my mouth.

I need to throw it up
get it out of me so I don’t drown,
get rid of phonemes
that get stuck in me
when I want to say it all

Or swallow it
and disappear the scared eyes
that look at me.

I even already digested
my own coagulated blood.

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