Olivera Stankovska

About the poet:

Olivera Stankovska is a Macedonian poet, writer and artist. She was born on November 2, 1963 in Skopje, R.Macedonia, and  now she lives, works and creates in Kriva Palanka.
After graduating from high school she studied German language and literature at the Universiti of  Philology in Skopje.
In addition to writing, she paint on porcelain and glass, and makes icons on porcelain with decoupage tehnick. She is a member of the Literary Club “KALIN” Kriva Palanka.
Stankovska is an author of the poetry collections:
“DEBATING WITH LIFE” (2013) –  “Literary Lantern” award ( 2013)
” IN THE GAME WITH LIFE “(2017)  –  II award for best poetry book at the poetry event “POETRY GALA” Milica Paulus (2018)
“THE ROAD TO GOD’S EYES – a wreath of sonnets ” (2019)
As an author of poetry translated into English, received the ARS Poet Award from Axlepin Publishing website – “Uniti and Diverzity in the ARTS” Filipini, Manila (2013).
Part of poetic works from Stankovska were and are being published in many antologies and on various internet portals.
Same of them  have been  translated  into: English, Serbien and Arabien language.

Her  thoughts on life, which are the subject on her poems, she publishes them on her blog about art, culture and  trаditions, entitled ANIKO STYLE(https://anikostyle.wordpress.com/)
Her  motto is: Art is woven into every segment of my life. I believe in creativity, in beautiful and inspiring things.

In some moments,
carries you,
from place to place,
in some moments,
leaves marks
all over you body,
and you with your pupils
which tasted futility,
flirt with the stars
to open the gate of  light,
 before the dawn
you wash yourself with love and hope,
you breathe  into other souls
for a peaceful future,
incidentally you separate yourself
from some morning’s thought,
you quietly rippling in someone’s soul,
and when I see you
so proud and lovely,
looking like a queen
off all kingdoms
I wonder:
Are you sprouted of a lotus?
Are you separated  from a rock?
Or maybe,
you are an elongated root,
or the Lord blessed you
when named  you –
а womаn?


Во миговите
те прпелка,
во миговите
остава жигови
по твоето тело,
а  ти со зениците
што ја вкусиле залуденоста,
им се додворуваш на ѕвездите
за да ја отворат портата на светлината,
пред мугрите
се премиваш
со љубовта и надежта
и дишеш во туѓите тела –
за мирна им иднина,

се откорнуваш од нечија утринска мисла,
тивко се брануваш во нечија душа
и кога те гледам
така горда и мила,
чинам кралица си на сите кралства,
па се прашувам:

дали потомока си на фениксот
ил изникна од лотос,
се одвои ли од карпа,
или можеби си
изданка од жилав корен

или  Господ те благослови,
кога те нарече – жена.

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