Barbara Carle

About the poet:

Barbara Carle poet, translator and critic. She writes mainly in Italian and English, but also in French, she translates from Italian into English and from English into Italian and occasionally into French. She has dual nationality: French and American. She writes criticism on Italian poetry, translation theory and practice, and comparative literature. She has published four books of poetry, and eight books of translation, five with critical introductions. Her work has enjoyed glowing reviews in the US and Italy.
Her first major book of poetry, Don’t Waste my Beauty/ Non guastare la mia bellezza, Caramanica, Italy,  2006, won the National Frascati Prize in November 2000, and was included in the anthology, Dall’altro del Gianicolo vedo i castelli romani, where critic Tiziana Migliaccio described it as follows: “Carle’s poetry is glass blended with flesh and dreams: […] it’s a place guarded by resurrected divinities, Dionysus, the Fates. Her poetic line reveals the parallel point of view, the coinciding of opposites, impossible in life, but made true in poetry.” Dall’alto del Gianicolo vedo i Castelli romani, 2007, p. 172.
Gregory Pell reviewed Carle’s second book, New Life Nuova Vita (Gradiva Publications, New York, 2006): “Throughout the story – whether in prose or in verse – in detailing the relationship with the student, Carle’s narrator provides witty side comments about her students and colleagues, offering up material that normally goes unsaid, if not for the respect of the teacher-student relationship and propriety of the workplace. Journal of Italian Translation, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2006.”
Her third book of poetry, also in English and Italian, Tangible Remains/ Toccare quello che resta,Ghenomena Press, Italy, 2009, received more than fifteen positive reviews in major journals in the US and in Italy:
“Throughout this collection highlighted by lucid observations and fresh perspectives rather than mere descriptions, Carle has created a poetic vision of the overlooked things of our world.” Robert Bonazzi in World Literature Today, Vol. 84, 2010.
“[…] but many […] reward the reader with their wit and unexpected turns of both thought and phrase. And the phrasing is indeed one of the chief pleasures of Tangible Remains: the style is generally crisp and tight, with a fair sprinkling of assonance and (often internal) rhyme.” Michael Palma in Faithful in My Fashion, 2016.
“This latest work, Tangible Remains, is equally idiosyncratic and daring.” Gregory Pell in Forum Italicum, no. 2, Fall, 2009.
Carle’s fourth book in prose and poetry, Sulle orme di Circe, Ghenomena Press, Italy, 2016, is composed entirely in Italian. It has received excellent reviews and was presented on the RAI (Radiotelevisione italiana, national public broadcasting company of Italy) Web Portal.
Recently Carle and Curtis Dean Smith’s second edition of a trilingual classical Chinese poetry Tra il cielo e la terra Between Heaven and Earth (La Vita Felice Milan, Italy, 2017, 2019) was reviewed as follows:  “In conclusion, this handsomely presented trilingual anthology is an important and very enjoyable introduction to the work of thirty-three Classical Chinese poets.” (Thalia Pandiri and Sujane Wu, Metamorphoses, 2018: p. 233.)
She is a Professor of Italian language and literature at California State University Sacramento.

| La traduzione |

In bilico tra due zone esisto
traduco la morte in vita e la vita
in morte sospesa sull’arco instabile
di Hermès dove insisto nel trasporto
resisto levando le vele d’aria
traghetto ponti rigenerabili
collego continenti epoche lingue
lemmi antichi con mille echi e quelli
appena sbarcati senza permessi
sono genitrice di connessioni
di reincarnazioni acrobatiche
restituisco senso all’incompreso
chiudo porte per aprire mondi
sono la curva sinuosa del varco.

| Translation |

My tranche lately runs among two ridges
where I exist between opposing peaks
since my task is to translate death into life
and life into death, suspended on the bridge
of Hermès, as I continue to seek
yet another epiphany of flight
I ferry nascent parallels to beaches
connect continents, echoes of speeches
antique words living with a thousand reaches
and those just arrived that no one teaches.
I am a creator of reflections
and acrobatic reincarnations.
I restore meaning to incomprehension;
renewing literature with my art
I close doors to open up new worlds.
I am the curving arch of each fresh start.

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