Augusto Enrique Rufino

About the poet:

Augusto Enrique Rufino was born in San Ramón de la Nueva Orán on January 24, 1956. He is consul of the World Poetic Movement in Salta, coordinator of the cultural group La Bohemia de Orán and vice president of the Argentine Society of Writers Branch Salta (SADE). Since his adolescence, he was linked to educational and cultural projects, he was part of the pro-university commission in Oran that concluded in 1973 with the creation of the Regional Headquarters of the National University of Salta. He was declared an Illustrious Citizen and Cultural Ambassador of Oran. In 2010 he received the San Ramón Prize in the culture area. His works make up 46 anthologies published in America, Europe and Asia. Among them, “Al Alba de un Sueño” (Buenos Aires – 2007), “Sentir-es” (Spain -2012) and “Souffle de Vie” (bilingual French-Spanish 2013) stand out. His poems were translated into English, Portuguese, French, Bengali, Chinese, and Taiwanese.

It participates annually in international meetings of writers, congresses and book fairs in America, Europe, Asia and Africa.


No pudieron cegarte
los caminos a la vida
estrellaron sus miserias
contra el viento de las sombras

El cielo de la isla bella
acunó tus sueños azules
y se desplegaron tus alas
de gaviota enamorada

Se encendió la esperanza
en la cumbre de tu estrella
Y tu corazón esmeralda
desvaneció las distancias.


They couldn’t blind you
the roads to life
they crashed their miseries
against the wind of the shadows

The sky of the beautiful island
cradled your blue dreams
and your wings spread
seagull in love

Hope lit up
at the top of your star
And your emerald heart
distance vanished.

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