Arijit Chakraborty

About the poet:

Bio: Poetry is not in words but in the silences between words’. Arijit said once. His poems are a living testimony to this belief. Born in 26th July 1975 inMidnapore, West Bengal, India. He has so far published five volumes of verse, one novel and several volumes of short stories and essays. He now lives and works in Kolkata.

| Nude Before God |
In the Middle
Of the road waiting
Simply waiting for something
I guess I want to what that something is
But why just sit here and wait
When i can get up and fight
For what I believe in
Just keep Fighting
For justice
I will not
Give up

All sleeps!

the tree of the night, 
the screen of the lamp 
and the key of the rest.

All shakes 
when the door opens 
without waking up noise. 
the beam white is going through 
the window and floods the table. 

a hand moves through the shadow, 
the beam, the paper on the table.
is for astir the lamp,
the tree in the circle spread, 
the astro warm it evade. 

a breath takes it all,
turn off the flame 
and pushes the beam. 

Only in the eyes
the black night and the wall 
that holds the house.

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